Author’s Studio…Nature’s Patchwork Quilt [December 7th from 3 until 5pm

Please join us at Watershed Books, 305 N. Main St., Lakeport, CA, as we celebrate the publication of Nature’s Patchwork Quilt; Understanding Habitats. Beautifully written by Mary Miche’ and wonderfully illustrated by Consie Powell, this book’s goal is to create an opportunity for children to be at home with nature and to fall in love with her. How better to celebrate that feeling of “homeness” than through the art of the quilt. Author Mary will discuss her discuss her creative process and read “especially for kids” Refreshments will be served too. Feel free to call Cheri at 707.263.5787 for more information.

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  1. Do any of the Lake Works exhibitors make earrings with Lake County diamonds? If so, please let me know, down here in South County – Thanks!

    Mike Rankin

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