the community was great to our story during the winter holidays…thank you all. now i am gearing up for my first real “small business and taxes” process, yipes…after a long, very cold and dry spell, a more usual northern california of warmth and rain rain rain has begun. a good time to cozy up with a good a very eclectic reader, my reading takes diverse direction. of newer editions, “The Road” by cormac mccarthy is eloquent,sad and so very humane. and speaking of humane, commissario guido brunetti of venice the lead character of donna leon’s mystery series is a smart and just sort of guy…friends that have shared these stories rate them at 100%. of course both “life of pi” and “the kiterunner” are still near the top of my best loved list. “modoc”, the story of elephant … just amazing…none of the many people that i’ve directed towards this book have been disappointed. in the non-fiction department, i can’t recommend derrick jensen’s a “a language older than words” enough. His non-linear, well researched and yet deeply personal story of the state of the world may change the way we look at existence…it certainly has been both provacative and affirming for me.all for now…enjoy your days…cher