October 12thHal Zina Bennett’s latest book, “The Lens of Perception: a User’s Guide to Higher Consciousness” offers some answers to the Question, “What the bleep do we know?” Known by many names, the “lens of perception” is the part of human consciousness that experiences our reality and is a core concept in virtually every spiritual and personal growth tradition.Local author and teacher, Hal Zina Bennett’s skillful, entertaining prose takes us on a thought-provoking tour of self-awareness, explores the near death experience {NDE}, shamanism, intuition, and the power to change reality on personal and planetary levels…a wonderfully lucid and intelligent book, full of fascinating insights into the mysteries of human perception.All events begin at 3:30 pm at Watershed Bookstore, 305 North Main St. in Lakeport. Refreshments are happily served…questions? feel free to call or email.