Watershed Books is happy to be celebrating the publication of Steve Bartholomew’s second novel, “Chapel Perilous” on Friday, March 7th at 3:30 until 5:00.  Steve writes, ” A recovering social worker in his past life, Bart {Steve} has resided in Lake County since 1993, but has so far remained undetected.  At about the age of twelve, he was introduced to “FATE” magazine by a maiden aunt and has since been fascinated by the strange, abnormal, unusual, and unlikely.  A one-time member of the Epigraphic Society, he claims some original work in the field of archeological anomaly.  He has previously published in such diverse journals as “Analog Science Fiction”, “Fate”, and “Ancient American”. His experience as a social worker taught him there is no such thing as an ordinary human being.”   “Chapel Perilous” is an exploration of dangerous states of mind.  Mr. Bartholomew will be sharing aspects of his creative and publishing adventures as well as reading from various works.