Our collection of books is extensive, eclectic, and ever changing.


Having a trade credit account means you can use credits accumulated and receive an extra 50% off on used books in the store. When you bring in your used books in pretty good condition, you earn trade credits. We have trade credits in our files that go back 24 years, since the store was founded… a fine way to purchase wonderful books and discounted prices.

Trade credit books accepted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.


We can find virtually any book. We happily complete special orders. Current titles usually arrive in a day or two. We mail free of charge in Mendocino and Lake Counties. We adore a good challenge and finding that rare or out-of-print book is one of our specialties. Orders can be completed by email, phone or in person.


We carry audio books, new and used. (accepted for trade credits). Also greeting cards, (most by local artists), games, puzzles, used magazines, and even some golden lp’s.


Local writers are highlighted in Watershed Books and are often featured during special “Author Studio” events.


Whenever I’ve a moment to spare, I enjoy browsing through the top shelves and darker corners of my shop; places that hold mysterious old books. In addition to loving to read, I have a passion for the very beauty of books. Watershed’s old and rare volumes are often wonders of beauty. For instance, a small green volume with a flourish of vines on its cover and inscribed to my dearest son, 1911 is titled Old Andrew, in gold leaf. Yesterday when I looked on the inside cover of an ancient (1936) algebra book, I saw Raymond Shiker the skinny old wuss, everything done, he blames on to us. Then there is the red leather embossed children’s book, Book Trail’s High Roads To Adventure (1887). And so much more. In addition to savoring these discoveries, prices are very good; a reward for taking the time to come into the shop.