WE BELIEVE IN THE BOOK. We believe in quieting the noise and listening to the stories. We believe in traveling far and wide between paper pages. We believe in touching the words, scribbling in the margins, and dogging the ears. We believe in surrounding ourselves with books long finished and books not yet read; in revisiting our younger selves each time we pull old favorites off the shelf.

We believe in five-year-olds inking their names in big letters on the flyleaf. We believe in becoming someone else for four hundred pages. We believe in turning off the screens and unplugging the networks once in awhile. We believe in meeting the author, reading the footnotes, looking up the words and checking the references. We believe in holding our children on our laps and turning the pages together.

We believe in standing shoulder to shoulder in comfortable silence with our fellow citizens before a good shelf of books; we believe in talking face to face with friends and strangers in the aisles of a good bookstore. We believe that together, readers, writers, books and bookstores can work magic.

If you believe, please join us: SAVE THE WORLD. BUY A BOOK.

The Bookstore Manifesto
Many thanks to Gallery Bookshop


  1. Carol Cole-lewis

    I am so thrilled you are in Lake County! Local book stores are vital to any community, and you provide a great place to read, socialize and get connected. Three cheers for Watershed Books!

  2. watershedbookco

    Thanks Carol;
    I’m honored to be a part of this community.

  3. Fran Ransley

    I also believe in the book. The last time I traveled across the country I brought old paperbacks to read, instead of getting a kindle. They only weighed a total of 2lb and I didn’t need to charge any batteries in order to read them. Furthermore, I gave them away to friends and family along the was as I finished reading them. I will probably never use up all the used book credit i’ve built up with your store, but that’s okay! Thanks for all you do for our local community of readers and writers.

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