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today i begin my blogging career. reading is good. books are beautiful. as a new bookstore owner, parent, partner, teacher, and a sustainable environment advocate, i’m honored to serve you all and my community.i will be commenting on books that we are reading, local and global events, and random musings. your response are encouraged. best, cheri

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  1. Hal Z Bennett

    Hi Cheri,
    Good to see you blogging! I wanted to email you the following link, which is a review of my book The Lens of Perception, which I’ll be talking about at Watershed October 12. It’s a great review by Bonnie Cehovet. I was very pleased and flattered that a reviewer read the book as closely as she did. The book has been reviewed by my national reviewers, including Publishers Weekly (for the first edition) but this review is the best so far.

    Check the following link to see the review:

    Hal Zina Bennett

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