Friday, December 3,2010 from 3:30pm until ??…we at Watershed Books are excited to host  local artist,modern native flautist, keyboardist, bassist, composer, producer, recording artist and storyteller ,Kevin Village Stone-Kiwamura.    

Being of Cherokee and  Japanese ancestry . Kevin performs and records original instrumental compositions of Native American and Ecuadorian flutes over modern and traditional instruments.  His work also includes the renowned “Whispering Light” series of meditation music CDs that  are widely popular.

A unique flavor of Kevin’s music is that he writes and arranges it all himself and plays every instrument on the recordings.  “I do not consider  myself to be a traditional  Native flute player, although I know  many traditional songs … I play for myself and ceremony…the music I perform is a type of cross-cultural renaissance from inside me that uses every musical element I have learned  and experienced.”

Kevin also performs native flute demonstrations, conducts both Native American and Japanese cultural education presentations, and performs multi-tribal traditional storytelling in various  public, private, charities  and museums  throughout Northern California

Please join Watershed Books and Kevin Village Stone-Kiwamura on  Friday Afternoon, December 3rd for a very special event.  Kevin’s recording will be available for  sale.  Complimentary refreshments.