K. C. Patrick will be sharing stories from her recently published book The Pomo of Lake County  from 3pm until 5pm on Friday June 27th here at Watershed Books, 305 North Main Street in Lakeport.  Ms Patrick worked long and hard to tell some of the amazing, informative and sometime very painful stories of the first peoples of the Clear Lake basin.

 From her book… “Secure in their isolated valley until the arrival of the white man, the Native Americans of Lake County and their ancestors lived for more than 12,000 years in this temperate Eden of abundance.  The anthropologist who labeled them all by one name was mistaken though; the Pomo were actually 72 independent villages, or tribelets, that spoke at least seven distinct and mutually unintelligible languages.  Theirs was a culture without war, without tyranny, without greed…”  K. C. Patrick will be signing her book and sharing her insights.

 Join us for good discussion and refreshments.